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Service Contracts Considered Automobile Insurance in British Columbia

The British Columbia Financial Services Authority has issued Regulatory Statement RS 24-008: Product Warranty, Vehicle Warranty, and Automobile Insurance. This Regulatory Statement has implications for manufacturers, administrators, motor vehicle dealers, and third-party providers of motor vehicle service contracts.

Full Article: https://mcmillan.ca/insights/service-contracts-considered-automobile-insurance-in-british-columbia/

JD Power Enters the Dealer F&I Space

J.D. Power announced the launch of J.D. Power Automotive Protection Products for new-car buyers.  J.D. Power Automotive Protection Products include extended service warranties, tire protection, surface protection, GAP, key replacement, lifetime warranty, dent-and-ding, maintenance, high-tech coverage and windshield protection as an add-on.

Article:  http://www.fi-magazine.com/news/story/2018/01/jd-power-enters-f-i-space.aspx

What’s Next for Auto F&I?

The unprecedented recovery is over – now what?

It’s been an incredible cycle the last 8 years as the auto industry came roaring back after the collapse in 08. We have now reach a plateau for new car sales and will likely hold below 18m new car sales for the next few years.  With new car sales as the industry proxy for the performance of the Vehicle Service Contract space the leveling of sales is already driving change.

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Where do Vehicle Service Contracts & Protection Plans Fit in Ally?

Where do Vehicle Service Contracts & Protection Plans Fit in Ally?

Have you seen the Ally Bank television ad called, “Nothing Stops Us: Ally Team Huddle”?  The team is gathered at Ally HQ in a glass enclosed conference room.  A manager reminds the team, “Remember, here at Ally nothing stops us from doing right by our customers.  Who’s with me?”  The half-dozen people in the room respond with “I’m in” and reach their hands into the middle of an impromptu huddle.  Just then, in her haste to join the huddle, a woman walks (crashes) into the conference room through a glass panel.  Outside the room hundreds of more employees are rushing to get into the huddle.  Motley Crew’s “Kickstart My Heart” is their clarion call.  The ad is part of Ally’s 2016 enterprise-wide campaign themed “Do It Right.”

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