Service Contract & Warranty Resources

Form Your Own Service Contract Provider
Personal Safeguards Group, LLC is a leading Service Contract, Limited Warranty, and Specialty Insurance firm providing Advisory and Brokerage Services supporting Manufacturers (OEMs), Marketers, Retailers, and Solution Providers.

Additional Resource:  Forming and Operating a Service Contract Company

Contractual Liability Insurance
Information on how a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) is used for Service Contract and Limited Warranty programs.

View a brief video detailing the use of a Service Contract Reimbursement Insurance Policy (SCRIP) / Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) for a Service Contract Company (aka Service Contract Provider or Service Contract Obligor). View Video on YouTube

LED Lighting Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty / Service Contract Protection for LED Lighting for up to 10 Years

Product Warranty Insurance
Product Warranty Insurance can be used to help companies offer a longer product limited warranty (versus their normal warranty) without trying to manage the risk or balance sheet issues.

View a brief video on structuring Product Warranty Insurance for Manufacturers (OEMs) and Sellers.   View Video on YouTube

Rate Builder
An example service contract or limited warranty Rate Building tool. You can develop a rate using a model similar to how carriers and providers develop rates.

Warranty Resources
Resources for OEM’s, Service Contract Providers, Service Contract Obligors and Service Contract Administrators.

Meramec Secure
Meramec Secure supports Insurance Companies, OEMs, Retailers, Marketers, and affiliates seeking a Licensed and Insured Agency and Administration Partner. Meramec Secure focuses on Custom Product Enhancement and Membership Benefit Solutions.