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Navistar featured session at the Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

Joe Werth, Vice President – Uptime, Total Cost of Ownership and Integrated Warranty at Navistar Inc. headlines MAPconnected’s Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Summit – October 13-14 at the Dearborn Inn, MI.

A Look To the Future At Navistar While Preparing For Integration With Traton

  • Preparing the integration strategy with the new group brands
  • Benefiting from the group electric and autonomous technologies
  • Leveraging best practices in services and warranty
  • Forming new partnerships in purchasing and cost savings

Full details and additional information: https://www.mapconnected.com/navistar-featured-session-at-the-vehicle-service-warranty-lifecycle-roundtable/

Mahindra Headlines Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

MAPconnected’s Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable Oct 13-14 continues to attract a powerful group of leading Warranty Chain executives who are collaborating to improve and innovate their warranty and aftercare end-to-end experiences.

Featured speaker:

Breaking Ground: Mahindra’s Service Communication Platform
• Improving retention through an integrated support suite for parts, tech support, claims and information
• Smarter and more accessible mobile application
• Providing after-sales customer support through scheduled maintenance insights
Andrew Conville, Director of Aftersales Dealer and Customer Support Mahindra

Full Details and Additional Information: https://www.mapconnected.com/mahindra-headlines-vehicle-service-warranty-lifecycle-roundtable/