Having Trouble Sourcing a Service Contract Reimbursement Policy for a Client?

If you are a P&C Agent or Broker trying to help a client obtain the correct type of insurance policy for state level compliance or lender requirements for a Service Contract Provider please feel free to contact Mike Frosch, President of Personal Safeguards Group, LLC.

Service Contract Reimbursement Insurance (SCRIP)
Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP)
Contractual Liability Reimbursement Policy (CLRP)

Most carriers you contact have no knowledge of the requirements of a Service Contract provider and do not write what your client needs to be complaint.  Every state has its own set of requirements and every carrier has its own minimums and capabilities.  Mike Frosch is an expert in this field with over 25 years of experience and relationships.

Contact Mike Frosch with any questions related to any aspect of the service contract business.