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EFG Companies Launches Two New Marine Protection Products, and an Enhanced Powersports GAP Program

EFG Companies’ new marine and power sports protection products increase dealership back-end margins while giving consumers added confidence despite expensive repairs and uncertain economic times. 

Full Release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20231128443622/en/EFG-Companies-Launches-Two-New-Marine-Protection-Products-and-an-Enhanced-Powersports-GAP-Program

CalTex Launches Custom Branded Fully Charged VSC through its Agent Network to 4,000 Dealerships

EV Insurance Company, Inc. dba OZOP Plus, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ozop Energy Solutions, Inc., announces Cal-Tex Protective Coatings, Inc. has launched their white-labeled version of the Fully Charged Vehicle Service Contract to be marketed to their network of 4,000 automotive dealerships. 

Full Release: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2023/11/21/2784139/0/en/CalTex-Launches-Custom-Branded-Fully-Charged-VSC-through-its-Agent-Network-to-4-000-Dealerships.html

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RESAAS Partners with VectorSolv to Introduce Home Warranty Solution

RESAAS Services Inc., a leading technology solutions provider for the Real Estate Industry, has teamed up with VectorSolv to bring AmTrust Financial-backed home warranties to RESAAS Agents and their clients. 

Full Article: https://offplanpropertyexchange.com/news/resaas-brings-amtrust-backed-home-warranties-to-real-estate-agents-2/305964/

AmTrust Publishes its 2023 Extended Auto Warranty Advisor

Shifting Auto Landscape Shows Greater Value in Warranty Products

The report, published by AmTrust, reviews the changes facing the auto industry and sheds light on the contributing factors to changes in claims severity.

Full Report – https://amtrustfinancial.com/auto-warranty-advisor?utm_campaign=2023-extended-auto-warranty-advisor

Munich Re completes final certification of photovoltaic warranty insurance with Sunova Solar

Munich Re Green Tech Solutions has completed its final certification of photovoltaic warranty insurance with Sunova Solar, a Tier 1 global energy solutions business that designs and manufactures clean renewable energy components.

Full Article: https://www.reinsurancene.ws/munich-re-completes-final-certification-of-photovoltaic-warranty-insurance-with-sunova-solar/

Demystifying AI:  Practical Guidance & Approaches For Warranty Management

Request your webinar recording and presentation today!

URL: https://www.mapconnected.com/demystifying-ai-webinar-request-access-to-recording-and-presentation/

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic, yet many organizations don’t know where or how to start. Earlier this month, MAPconnected and Agolo delivered a webinar, where they cut through the “noise” and discussed real-world best practices for deploying AI. 

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