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Frontdoor, Inc. to Acquire 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty for $585 Million in Cash

Frontdoor acquiring leading provider of new home structural warranties;
Increases Frontdoor’s customers, revenue and earnings;
Opens new sales channel for home warranties;
Diversifies portfolio into an adjacent and growing category

Full Release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240604637675/en

Marcone Introduces Same-Day Delivery

Creative approach to boost customer speed and efficiency powered by DoorDash Drive

St. Louis, MO (Monday, May 20, 2024) – Marcone, a leading North American distributor of home and commercial kitchen appliances, HVAC, plumbing, and pool and spa repair parts and equipment, today announced a new partnership with local commerce platform DoorDash to offer nationwide on-demand parts delivery.

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Sustainable Growth Strategies for Consumer Extended Warranty Markets – PCMI Whitepaper

This comprehensive whitepaper covers success-driven strategies for keeping your consumer extended warranty business thriving. It includes timely and effective techniques for keeping up with continuous growth, and how your business can keep its competitive edge for years to come.

  • Explore key trends and challenges of the evolving landscape
  • Discover transformative approaches to future-proof warranty management
  • Learn about innovative tools that are reshaping the industry

Download Link: https://www.pcmicorp.com/whitepaper-sustainable-growth-strategies-for-consumer-extended-warranty-markets-form/

Service Contracts Considered Automobile Insurance in British Columbia

The British Columbia Financial Services Authority has issued Regulatory Statement RS 24-008: Product Warranty, Vehicle Warranty, and Automobile Insurance. This Regulatory Statement has implications for manufacturers, administrators, motor vehicle dealers, and third-party providers of motor vehicle service contracts.

Full Article: https://mcmillan.ca/insights/service-contracts-considered-automobile-insurance-in-british-columbia/

Navigating Recalls: Financial Implications For Motor Vehicle Components

Webinar: May 21 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Register Here Open To All!

Motor vehicles represent some of the most sophisticated and advanced products manufactured today. However, with this complexity comes the heightened risk of product recalls, which can impose severe financial burdens on automotive component manufacturers and the supply chain.

Join industry peers – Component Suppliers, Aftermarket, OEMs, Distributors and Retailers for this comprehensive webinar designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex world of recall management as we delve into key topics such as:

– Recall Data & Insurability: Analyze recent recall data and trends and their insurability impact on component manufacturers.
– Prevention & Preparation: Explore strategies to prevent product recalls and discuss comprehensive preparation plans.
– Risk Engineering: Detailed insights for stakeholders on recall insurance coverage and risk mitigation.
– Response to Claims: Learn effective claim management to effectively minimize impact.
– Financial & Reputational Damage: Discuss solutions to lessen financial and reputational harm, ensuring brand recovery.

Christof Bentele, President – NEXUS SPECIALTY CASUALTY
Geoffrey Mills, Managing Director – MARSH MCLENNAN
Ray Roth, Director – STOUT

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Keeping Your Technical Information Out Of Jail

Webinar: May 14th 3-4:00 pm ET

Register Here Open To All!

Are you finding it difficult to stay ahead of Rules and Regulations?

Technical information is riskier than you think. The phrase “minimum legal requirements for technical content” sounds like a minor concern. In fact, a company can be fined up to 3% of its annual revenue for violating certain technical content guidelines.

Join us for our new webinar covering the growing list of legal requirements from CARB and NHTSA to new EU legislation featuring a live interview with Tony Smith, Director, Service Engineering at Canoo.

Tony Smith, Director Service Engineering – CANOO
Gary Ragland, Manager, Copywriting – TWEDDLE GROUP
Nick Horan – Director Global Business Solutions – TWEDDLE GROUP

Attorney General Ellison sues used-car dealer for deceptive sales

AG’s Office investigated after receiving consumer complaints: uncovered Midwest Car Search engaged in pattern and practice of deceptive sales, specifically targeting and exploiting Spanish speakers and people with low credit scores

Lawsuit filed in Anoka County asserts violations of Minnesota’s Used Car Law and consumer protection statutes; seeks millions in consumer refunds in addition to injunctive relief and penalties

Full Release: https://www.ag.state.mn.us/Office/Communications/2024/04/23_MCS.asp



(Chicago, Illinois, April 15, 2024) – The warranty industry announces annual best-of-industry awards! Strategic Solutions Network (SSN) launches the inaugural SSN Warranty Industry Annual Awards for 2024. These awards are peer-nominated industry awards to recognize and showcase innovation and excellence in the warranty and extended warranty/service contract industries.

The inaugural 2024 awards features 5 awards categories with one winner per category. The awards will honor corporate entities with the exception of the “Warranty Industry Champion” award, which will recognize the most significant individual contributor to the industry.

Innovative Product Design
Transformative Technology Innovation Leadership
Customer Experience Excellence
Operational Performance & Administrative Excellence
Warranty Industry Champion

Please visit: www.warrantyawards.org for detailed criteria for each category and to submit your vote.

The 2024 Award nominees will be announced by end-August 2024, and winners will be announced on the first day of the 14th Annual Extended Warranty and Service Contracts Innovations conference, scheduled for September 24-25, 2024, at the Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois.

The awards steering committee will oversee the voting process to ensure fairness and transparency:

  • Eric Arnum, Publisher, Warranty Week
  • Travis Moore, General Counsel, Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC)
  • Roz Applebaum, Vice President, Warranty Innovations Conferences, SSN

Please visit www.warrantyawards.org for more detailed information and to submit your nominees. To vote, visit www.warrantyawards.org/vote.php.

Strategic Solutions Network (SSN) is also the producer of highly acclaimed industry-wide events including:

  • The 14th Annual Extended Warranty & Service Contract Innovations, September 24-25, 2024, Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois. www.warrantyinnovations.com

For more information, contact: Roz Applebaum at [email protected].

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Choice Home Warranty Prohibited From Selling Warranty and Service Contracts in Georgia

Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King announced that Choice Home Warranty is prohibited from selling or soliciting home warranty or service contracts in Georgia.

In March, a Cease-and-Desist order was issued against Choice Home Warranty for failing to meet the surety bond requirements established under Title 33 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. The company has failed to post the required bond in an amount of not less than $100,000.00 despite previous warnings. This requirement ensures that Georgia consumers are protected in case a warrantor cannot pay out claims.

Full Release: https://oci.georgia.gov/press-releases/2024-04-10/choice-home-warranty-prohibited-selling-warranty-and-service-contracts