Personal Safeguards Group Releases 2020 Service Contract Industry Projections

UPDATE: The shutdown driven by the CoronaVirus will greatly impact every category in 2020. This should be viewed as a run rate prior to the shutdown.

For 2020 Personal Safeguards Group projects over $61b at retail for consumer related service contracts.

Automotive continues to lead the industry in terms of gross revenue with 2020 projected at over $33b for Vehicle Service Contracts and over $6.4b for Ancillary products.

Personal Safeguards Group, LLC (PSG) is a leading Service Contract, Limited Warranty and Specialty Insurance firm supporting Manufacturers (OEM’s), Marketers, Retailers, Dealers and Solution Providers in multiple industry verticals.

PSG provides Brokerage and Advisory Services to:

  • OEM’s and Retailers seeking to form an in-house service contract provider
  • InsureTech companies seeking to enter or expand their Service Contract segments
  • Internet of Things (IoT) companies seeking product differentiation through service
  • Insurance Carriers exploring opportunities to enter the Service Contract industry
  • Service Contract Providers seeking support with partnerships, products and other custom needs
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity investors analyzing the Service Contract industry