The Plateau Group and Scag Power Equipment Unveil Scag Extended Warranty Program

Tennessee, March 26, 2024 – The Plateau Group, a forty-year insurance solutions provider, and Scag Power Equipment, a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential lawn mowers and turf management equipment, proudly announces a strategic collaboration to introduce the brand-new Scag Extended Warranty Program. This joint initiative aims to elevate Scag’s industry leading reputation for quality and performance, offering distinctive advantages to both buyers and dealerships.

Program Highlights:
The Scag Extended Warranty program, now available in the market, empowers buyers to extend warranty coverage on their new Scag mower purchases. With the flexibility to add warranty coverage up to 30 days after the initial purchase, dealerships can leverage this opportunity to enhance customer peace-of-mind, leading to increased sales and service volume—a testament to Scag’s commitment to delivering value to its partners.

These extended warranty policies seamlessly align with Scag’s standard manufacturer coverage, providing a consistent and reliable experience for dealers and buyers. The program extends both commercial and non-commercial warranties for an impressive 5 years from the purchase date, with no hour limitation. *

“We are thrilled to launch this program ahead of the busy selling season,” says Scott Schaefer, CFO of Scag Power Equipment. ” We tried a similar program in the past, but based on feedback from our dealers and distributors, we needed to do better. And with The Plateau Group, we were able to do that – simplifying the process, improving the coverage, and reducing costs in the process.”

Joe Melendez, CEO of The Plateau Group, adds, “We seek opportunities to collaborate with companies like Scag. Our expertise lies in providing warranty and related protection products that seamlessly integrate into existing processes, expanding our partners’ brands without overshadowing them. We’re here to make it work behind the scenes.”

The Scag Extended Warranty program is now available at over 1,300 Scag dealers nationwide and reflects Scag’s dedication to providing top-tier products and services in the lawn care industry.

About Scag Power Equipment:
Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment, a division of Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc., has been
synonymous with manufacturing “Simply the Best” commercial and residential lawn mowers and debris/turf management equipment in the USA. Renowned for innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, Scag continues to be the trusted choice for those seeking the highest quality, best-built, and best-cutting lawn mower equipment.

About The Plateau Group:
For over 40 years, The Plateau Group and its Tennessee-based affiliated companies have played a pivotal role in providing diverse insurance solutions to the consumer finance and banking industries across the United States. Learn more at

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*Note: Refer to program details for specific terms and conditions.