PB Heat, LLC/Peerless® Boilers Selects Trinity Warranty as Extended Warranty Services Partner

PB Heat, LLC/Peerless® Boilers Selects Trinity Warranty as Extended Warranty Services Partner

November 10, 2014, Itasca, IL – Trinity Warranty announces PB Heat, LLC/Peerless® Boilers has joined the growing number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that rely on the company for extended warranties and other value added services.

According to Mike Kaufmann, Manager, Special Products for PB Heat, LLC, extended warranties are an important part of the company’s product offering. However, “Our expertise is in manufacturing, not warranties,” says Kaufmann. “So it’s important for us to work with a warranty company that really understands our business and our customers.”

Trinity Warranty’s approach to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnerships includes a comprehensive view of the distribution channel. Trinity works with OEM customers to design warranty products that meet the needs of consumers and are attractive for wholesalers and contractors as well. The resulting warranty product is customized for the equipment it covers and can easily be bundled into the sale. ”It saves our distributors and contractors valuable time in their day to have a warranty process that is comprehensive and easy to use and understand,” explains Kaufmann.

PB Heat, LLC began with Trinity in June of this year after comparing multiple warranty providers’ products and services for their Peerless® Boilers brand. The goal was to create a program that was simple and easy to sell and maintain. Once the appropriate warranty product was developed, Trinity worked with PB Heat, LLC to introduce the new offering to its sales teams and distributors. “There was a lot of excitement among our sales reps and customers,” said Kaufmann. “It was one of the smoothest program rollouts I’ve been involved with. For our needs, Trinity is the best extended warranty provider we could have chosen,” he added.

Trinity recognizes that extended warranties are an add-on to the equipment sale and can require additional sales support at the customer level. To address this need, Trinity worked with PB Heat, LLC to build a warranty purchase and registration capability right into the company’s website. “We share in the responsibility to position and sell extended warranties along with our OEM partners,” said John Grimaldi, Trinity Warranty Vice President of Sales. “The burden of making this easy for all involved naturally falls to us.”

Specifically, Trinity hosts a warranty registration and purchase page for PB Heat, LLC using the company’s branding and website design. The customer experience is seamless. “We don’t make customers feel like we’re sending them to another company’s site for warranty registration,” said Kaufmann. “They are continually interacting with the Peerless® Boilers brand.”

By design, the page captures all pertinent registration information, which is then shared with PB Heat, LLC. This helps the company keep track of and better support its growing customer base.

“Trinity prides itself on complete alignment with OEM customers with a focus on adding value to the sales process and to consumers alike,” said Grimaldi.

About the companies

PB Heat, LLC is a leading manufacturer of ENERGY STAR® approved heating equipment under the Peerless® Boilers brand. The company is recognized for delivering the best-tested boiler made in the United States. To learn more, visit www.peerlessboilers.com

Trinity Warranty is a recognized leader in Extended Service Agreement (ESA) products and services. It provides risk management solutions toHVAC/R industry manufacturers,distributors,dealers and consumers. Trinity products lengthen the term of protection on a major purchase and have a significant positiveimpact on the sales process from Distributor, to Dealer, to the Consumer.To learn more, visit www.trinitywarranty.com

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