LOUISVILLE, KY, September 22, 2021—Hornbeam, an insurance provider focused on the warranty industry, announces their partnership with Trinity Warranty, a leading provider of HVAC warranty programs, for both commercial and residential customers. Trinity selected Hornbeam Insurance to support their HVAC warranty programs designed for commercial markets.

Peter Dikeos, CEO of Trinity Warranty, said, “We selected Hornbeam because of their depth of experience, flexibility, and focus on the warranty market. Most insurers don’t understand warranty, much less the HVAC market. Hornbeam understands the HVAC industry allowing us to move quickly in terms of program development.”

Hornbeam’s CEO, Kevin Callahan, said “The expertise and understanding Trinity provides in the HVAC industry is impressive. The expertise they have in terms of systems and staff is critical for the specific needs of the commercial HVAC market. Trinity’s knowledge and systems provide them the ability to support a customized service program tailored to the needs of their client.”

Hornbeam provides national support for the Trinity commercial program, which also covers generators, compressors, refrigeration, chillers, and industrial HVAC/R.

About Hornbeam Insurance Company
Hornbeam is a property-casualty insurance company focused on the warranty and
specialty insurance market. Hornbeam is affiliated with American Life and Accident
Insurance Company of Kentucky, which was founded in 1906, serving the life insurance markets throughout the United States. Hornbeam Insurance and American Life are both owned by Hardscuffle Incorporated, a holding company.

About Trinity Warranty Solutions
Trinity was founded in 2009 by Peter Dikeos, along with several 20-year industry veterans. They have over 150 years of combined experience in the HVAC/R and plumbing industries, including risk management, program administration, claims processing, national accounts, and customer service. Trinity is owned by Kingsway Financial Services Inc.