LOUISVILLE, KY, November 16, 2021—Hornbeam, an insurance carrier focused on the warranty industry, announces their partnership with Puls, a leading home service company based in San Francisco.

Puls CEO, Gabi Peles, said “Our service delivery platform, combined with the knowledge Hornbeam provides in the warranty market, allows Puls to provide the modern homeowner a new service experience to support their home care maintenance needs.” Puls is currently offering the protection plans in limited markets with intent to expand nationally. Mr. Peles added that “Hornbeam was quick to capitalize on the value to homeowners, moved fast, and adapted to Puls’ need to tailor service to meet the unique needs of their customer.”

The team at Hornbeam, led by industry leaders from the AIG and GE warranty teams, joined Hornbeam to create a warranty insurer focused on technology, innovation, and new opportunities.

Hornbeam’s CEO, Kevin Callahan, said “Puls’ service platform gives the consumer the opportunity to change the traditional service experience into more efficient and faster service experience using their technology platform. The team at Puls doesn’t come from the warranty market but is focused on changing the way care is provided.”

Hornbeam provides national support for Puls and is expected to be available in major metropolitan markets by early 2022.

About Hornbeam Insurance Company
Hornbeam is a property casualty insurance company focused on the warranty and
specialty insurance market. Hornbeam is affiliated with American Life and Accident
Insurance Company of Kentucky, which was founded in 1906, serving the life insurance markets throughout the United States. Hornbeam Insurance and American Life are both owned by Hardscuffle Incorporated, a holding company.

About Puls
Puls helps consumers keep their home at its best by providing a wide array of quality, fast, and affordable home services delivered via a value-added home care plan. Puls provides the best independent home repair technicians with exceptional earning potential via a tech-enabled platform that sets them up for success. Puls is constantly evolving its technology to optimize for reliability, scalability, and the ability to predict and anticipate future home service needs. 

Source: https://hornbeaminsurance.com/pulswarrantypr/